Course Outline

The Home Ec eCourse features 28 step-by-step written tutorials that are accompanied by plenty of demonstrative photos. This is an example of the tutorial format.

About Each Project...

How to work your Sewing Machine - video 
A video guided tour of your new Sewing Machine... filling & loading your bobbin, threading your machine, adjusting stitch length, needle alignment, using the presser foot and backstitching. Plus a few tips for straight & even stitch lines and my favorite sewing habits!
Video transcripts are available for the Hearing Impaired upon request.
Tools of the Trade - guide
Fabric and craft stores can be overwhelming, especially when you're just learning how to sew. Did I get everything I needed? Did I get anything I needed? As someone who has spent a great deal of their life both shopping and working in those stores, I've learned nearly every product top to bottom. So, for my first post I'll be covering a range of what you may need and why, as well as share a few helpful shopping tips. 

Tips & Troubleshooting - video
I'll be covering basic problems you may run into using your sewing machine and what to check first before taking it in for a check up.  In my video, you'll get a few tips on keeping your machine clean and running smoothly and a basic run down on what to expect to pay for a new machine or tune up.  Don't be afraid!  Your machine is your friend!
Video transcripts are available for the Hearing Impaired upon request.

Drawstring Gift Pouch - tutorial
Instead of wrapping a gift with paper, create this pretty drawstring gift pouch that acts as a bonus gift and reusable bag!  You'll learn how to create a pouch, Also great for business owners packaging products and making a great impression!  
Introducing: making a bag, joining 2 fabrics, drawstring casing, square corners, strong slit.

Cloth Napkins (2 Ways) tutorial
Set a more beautiful table with handmade cloth napkins!  You'll learn how to make two styles with basic techniques that will help you master larger projects later in the class.  You can feel good about setting your table in style because cloth napkins reduce waste and help save money! 
Introducing: squaring up fabric, simple hemming, adding Ric-Rac edging.  With a focus on mixing and matching patterns.

Reusable Grocery/Book Bag tutorial
Finally a grocery bag that can fit lots and be carried over the shoulder for one big trip into the house. This bag isn't just beautiful, but is also machine washable and also great for the environment! 
Introducing: Making a larger bag, straps, strong x joints.

Round Bunting tutorial
Learn how to create fabric circles and put together a new take on classic bunting.  Ideal for a nursery, shower gift, or a playful display in your studio! Easily customizable and simple enough to finish in an afternoon. 
Introducing: Creating fabric circles and machine applique.

Supplies Roll-Up tutorial
The perfect caddy for your supplies, your boyfriends wrenches, your kids markers or your sharpie collection! Made with an oilcloth or vinyl exterior and an adjustable strap, this roll-up is durable, flexible and just what everyone needs!  
Introducing: creating sections, working with thicker material (and needle), installing an adjustable strap.

Ironing Board Cover tutorial
Replace your dingy old ironing board cover with a shiny new one, and make everyone's least favorite chore a little bit more fun.  
Introducing: using old cover to create a pattern for the new, edge-finishing options, elasticizing an edge, calculating fabric required.

Quilted Pot Holder tutorial
Pot holders are a dying breed... no more cork ones in this house, I want cute fabric ones protecting my pretty table :) Work with batting to create a layer of insulation, and quilting to keep the potholder thin and flat. 
Introducing: batting, closing in a double sided square, blanket stitch.

Curtains (2 Ways) tutorial
Curtains can be extremely expensive but not when you make them yourself! Choose grommets or a bunched 'ruffle' top and sew window treatments to suit every room in your home!   
Introducing: lining up a pattern, double hemming, spacing & installing large grommets.

Reversible Bib tutorial
Bibs don't have to be tacky.  Learn to make your own with fabric you have on hand.  You'll learn straight line quilting and how to work with double-fold bias tape. 
Introducing: quilting straight lines, adding bias tape, drafting from a pattern.

Hemming Jeans At Home tutorial
We can't all have an industrial "jean machine" in our homes (though I'm definitely hoping I someday will!), but it's still possible to end up with a nice looking hem when you're either pressed for time or pinching pennies. You'll pick up techniques for shortening your favorite denim using both hand and machine sewing.  
Introducing: determining correct length, working with heavy materials, determining your machine's limits.

Zippered Pencil Case tutorial
Gather all your cute pencils and markers because as soon as you finish this project, you're going to want to use it! Sewing a zipper can feel so intimidating but it's actually pretty simple, don't be afraid! Introducing: installing a zipper, lining a pouch.

Resizing a Shirt or Dress tutorial
Don't throw out your grandma's vintage mumu!  With a few basic tricks, you can resize vintage clothing to fit your body type. 
Introducing: hemming, taking in at the sides, learning your measurements and silhouettes that are most flattering.

Jersey Wrap Skirt (Forgiving Raw-Edge) tutorial
This super-basic skirt, which you will draft from your own measurements (using math--gasp!), is both forgiving to your figure and to your skill. Lots of finishing techniques are not only difficult, they're time consuming. By leaving the edges raw, we leave time for more important things, like creating the perfect fit. And looking totally cute in your new skirt because, hey look at that, you're already done making it! 
Introducing: drafting a pattern from measurements, properties of stretch fabric, getting comfortable with clothing construction.

Studio Toolbelt Apron - tutorial
Sew this fun and handy apron that will carry all your tools and favorite supplies while you sew or craft. Styled like a craftsmen's tool belt, there's a place for everything!
Introducing: giving pillowcases new life, customizing a project to fit your purpose, body and style.  

Sewing Machine Cover tutorial
A simple sewing machine cover to help minimize the industrial eye sore that some machines can be (unless they are vintage and beautiful!!) as well as to help keep dust from settling into every nook and cranny.  Fits most sewing machines easily and you can customize the design any way you like with some of the techniques you've learned in our class!
Introducing: built in tie-ups.

Plushie Toy tutorial
Babies grow out of their adorable clothes so quickly but you can give them new life in the form of their favorite new plushie!  Using a provided pattern and easy directions you can make these gender neutral creatures for your favorite little one.  
Introducing: working with jersey cotton, customizing a pattern.

Removable Pillow Case with Piping tutorial
Take your pillows to the next level with piping that makes them pop!  You'll learn how to create a removable pillow case and add piping to add depth and create a more finished shape.  
Introducing: removable cushion case, piping.
Ruffled Duvet Cover tutorial
A duvet can be a quick and affordable way to update the look of your bedroom...and it can be a lot more affordable if you make it yourself! We'll give you a few different options for fabric, dimensions, and construction so you can decide what works best for you.  
Introducing: buttonholes, fabric care, ruffles.

Fabric Cubby/Tray tutorial
Those square shelving units and fabric cubbies are really popular, but sometimes it's really hard to find cute ones, especially in the right size. We'll show you how to make your own! And, if you don't have a shelving unit, you'll also be able to use the techniques to make neat little fabric trays, perfect for office desk organization or craft show displays.
Introducing: constructing a cube, working with heavy interfacing.

Padded Laptop Case tutorial
There's no reason your laptop should be in a boring black sleeve... let's create a case that makes you smile each time you use it (while still being protective)! Sized to your computer, this padded case is built to last, beautify and protect.  
Introducing: Working with foam and elastic loops.

Full Apron tutorial
Make an Anthropologie inspired apron sure to flatter any shape.  This simple pattern allows your fabric selection to stand out with a chic bow detail at one shoulder. Give them as gifts this Christmas! 
Introducing pleated pockets.

Mod Table Runner (Double Sided) tutorial
Dress up your tea party with a table runner than calls all eyes onto your pretty table display! Similar to quilting, this tablerunner is made by joining materials to create visual interest and seamed in a way that flattens your piece and shows a level of craftsmanship that impresses all your guests!
Introducing: Secure Seaming, Straight Lines that Show.
Leather and Canvas Purse tutorial
The purse that actually looks like you bought it at a boutique.  Learn how to add rich details to your creations by using leather and hardware like the pros. 
Introducing sewing with leather, box purse base, sewing with hardware details.

Hanging Shoe Organizer tutorial
Shoe organizers are not a new invention but cute ones just might be! These hanging shoe organizers are a stylish way to display and store 12 pairs of shoes (or more) and use vertical space to your advantage.  
Introducing: Tabs, Rows of Dimensional Pockets and a Secret Tip.

Drafting a Simple Pattern tutorial
One of the fastest ways to learn how clothing is constructed is to tear it apart. If not literally, then visually (we'll cover both options). Using a basic piece of clothing from your closet, we'll recreate it "quick and dirty" style. These make great projects for late at night when the fabric stores and mall are closed and you really want to wear something new the next day!  
Introducing: what types of clothing are easily drafted, working backwards, simple construction.

Messenger Bag tutorial
This grey & yellow corduroy messenger bag feels like the 'safe purse' for girls who don't love handbags (also great for students). Built to last with looks that impress, you'll love carrying your books and belongings in your handmade messenger bag that's sure to make you proud of your new sewing & construction skills!  
Introducing: Working with directional texture, hardware connectors, adding decorative personality.

Reading a Commercial Pattern tutorial
They're tempting, they're intimidating. You're pretty sure they're written in a different language. Commercial patterns open up a whole new world of clothing (and accessories/craft) construction that would otherwise be impossible for "civilians" (read: not trained fashion & pattern designers) such as us. From selecting a pattern, to learning how to read the "step by step", we hope to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to conquer these wonderful little mysteries.  
Introducing: determining your size, skill level, understanding fabric & notions, using your pattern "correctly", dealing with the mishaps.

Flying Geese Quilt tutorial
The cherry on top of this crafty class!  Use your new confidence to create a beautiful, large quilt for yourself or a loved one.   
Introducing patchwork quilting.

How to Invent & Adapt Projects guide
Different from any of our past online classes, in Home Ec, we are allowing you to take the projects we teach and reproduce them for Commercial Use if you choose (but not to reteach). This means that if you own a business, taking Home Ec can expand your range of products and potential! We hope that you will find ways to personalize the projects to make them your own, and in this Tips post, Leigh-Ann will give recommendations for adapting a few of the projects into your own style and brand (also beneficial for gift making!). Even better, learn how to think like an inventor... how to use the skills you've learned in Home Ec to invent and design completely new projects exclusive to YOU!