Meet Leigh-Ann

Leigh-Ann: Sewing since 1993, Self Taught, Hobby Sew-er.

1. How did you learn to sew?
In middle school, I took Home Ec with Ms. Starkell for a few months and learned the basics (how to: thread a machine, not sew your finger, a few projects & how to make boxer shorts you'll wear out as shorts-- because it was the 90's) :] I'd always admired my mom's sewing skills and was thrilled to be in a sewing class. Once I took Home Ec, it was like I had my license and Momma let me use her machine. I practiced and practiced, played with different types of fabric, taught myself to slip cover couches, made pajamas and I designed some fun accessories :)

Once I had my own house, I was on a tight budget and needed to make curtains. I borrowed my friends Pfaff machine (which was in a sweet hot pink luggage case) and sewed curtains for all 9 windows in my new home :) I was hooked again! I love the unlimited potential of fabric + sewing machine!

2. Why do you love to sew?
I have a few reasons... 
1. I love working with fabrics! Mixing color and pattern is one of my biggest joys in life and textiles are one of the best mediums for doing that!
2. I love figuring stuff out :) When I made the 'Hanging Shoe Organizer' for Home Ec... I didn't know how to make the dimensional pockets yet but I knew it was possible. I tried a few ways and when I got it right, I squealed! I felt so excited to learn something new and use it in my home (plus teach others) :]
3. It's a hobby & skill that can translate into any purpose; it's relevant and really applicable... decor, wardrobe & fashion, repair, accessories, children & toys, art and of course, it's fun!
4. I find it so relaxing... you can see your idea/project produced so much faster (with the machine) than any other craft but it's still hands on and totally fulfilling :)
5. I love making a finished product that looks bought but totally custom to my style :)

3. Favorite thing you've ever made?
Many Monday's, my mom takes her grandchildren/my nieces Olivia and Kennedy to the library -- it's their special thing and all three of them love it equally! In November, I made O & K "Library Bags" for their birthday (with a tiny pocket inside for their library cards) and the girls quickly filled them with books :) At Christmas, I made my Mom one... and it sent her to giggles & tears, she could now match her grand daughters on their dates!

I love how committed they are to the library bag trio, Mom makes sure of it ;)

4. What is your favorite technique?
I'm pretty addicted to joining fabrics to create stripes. I wanna do it to everything!

5. What excites you about Home Ec?

I'm most excited for each student to feel empowered & thrilled as they discover the seamstress hidden inside of them! Rachel, Courtney and I put a lot of thought into the skills and projects being useful, progressive and extensive... once you complete Home Ec, your sewing machine will never gather dust again! Your life will change :)

xo, Leigh-Ann
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