When does registration close? Is there a deadline?
E-course registrations for Home Ec will not close, the class will remain permanently available for purchase.

Once I register, how long do I have to complete the projects?
Your e-course registration does not expire, you will have permanent access.

Where does the class take place?
Home Ec takes place in a private blog and everything is posted already when you arrive. Once registered, you will receive access information to the private blog and work through the projects at your own pace :)

Where do I register? How do I pay?
You can register for Home Ec here and make secure payment with paypal or a major credit card.

I'm interested in taking the course but I don't have a sewing machine, can you recommend one?
We recommend you start with a machine that is beyond the base model but not too fancy/expensive, that way you can learn on a simpler machine, decide what features you love and if necessary, trade up in a few years. Good features to have: a freearm, a few stitch options including zigzag (we mainly use straight stitch and zig zag in our projects), able to sew through a few layers of denim, well located backstitch button.

Leigh-Ann loves the Singer Advance because it's efficient, affordable and easy to use, but it's been discontinued. The Singer Inspiration is a similar alternative, but research online and/or discuss your options with the sales clerk before making the purchase. 

My sewing machine is an older model, does that matter?
That's totally fine! Often, the older machines are the best :) As long as your sewing machine works and it isn't one of those plastic kids or hemming machines, you're all set. Everyone taking the course potentially has a different machine, but the video suggests alternative layouts and you can use the example machine in our video as a comparison to get started.

I took Home Ec Live in 2010, do I get access to this class also?
No, they are separate purchases. 2010's Home Ec access expired in August 2011. If you are a Home Ec Alumni and want to gain permanent access to the Home Ec eCourse, please email Leigh-Ann for a special rate (original student registration will be verified).

Can you sell the class in 2 parts for those who are not beginner-beginners?
The class is only sold as a whole.

What should I budget for Supply Cost?
The cost of supplies depends on each person and their preferences. Us three teachers used a lot of affordable thrifted and vintage materials (washed and awesome looking) plus repurposed fabrics we had. It's completely possible to buy many of your supplies on a budget if that is important to you, and we'll be sharing 14 tips for Fabric Shopping & Saving along with the full supplies list in the private course blog when you arrive. If you're open to thrifty ideas and purchasing your supplies as you approach each project, I don't think the cost of supplies should worry you.

If there is a project we're not particularly interested in and we feel confident enough with the skill presented in that project, is it a problem to skip it and/or practice the skill in another way?
ex: I don't want to make entire curtains but would like to practice grommets on a scrap fabric so that I can learn the skill without making the full curtain project. Can that be done?
I think your idea of just doing the skill(s) from a project you're not keen on is a good solution. It wouldn't be a good idea to do this on lots of projects (because practice on each project makes you more and more comfortable with technique and your machine), but it's fine to do that for a few. [You're in charge.]

I am a true beginner, I'm not even sure how to load the thread thing. Would this class help me with that?
If you're willing to learn, this class will teach you everything you need to know :) The first video guide is called "How to Work your Sewing Machine" and it's a guided video tour of your Sewing Machine (using Leigh-Ann's machine as an example). The video starts at the very beginning with how to turn ON your machine to, how to fill & load your bobbin, threading your machine, adjusting stitch length, needle alignment, using the presser foot, backstitching and stitching with your machine. Plus all the necessary terms along the way :) It will help if you have your sewing machines user manual for reference, but even without that, you should be able to figure out your machine with the help of this video, it's explained very clearly. And that's just Day 1! This class would be a great help to you.

If you have a question that's not answered, please email info@frecklednest.com.