Hear from other Home Ec Students

"I am so thankful that I took Home Ec last year-- I learned SO much and actually love sewing now! Who knew!?"
- Danielle Hampton of Sometimes Sweet

"I took this course the last time, and for anybody doubting: DO IT.  It's just perfect. Very well explained, very step-by-step instructions. even for me (who can sew her finger onto her project...) it was perfect!"
- Revlie

"Thanks so much for hosting such an amazing class, ladies! You three are all SO talented, and I feel lucky to have such well-written and well-thought out lessons to practice with. I still have a lot to do, and a lot to learn, but I wouldn't feel nearly as confident about sewing if it weren't for you all!"
- Nina

"Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this course. I have wanted to sew for years and years and finally I have found a medium through which to learn and learn at my OWN pace, on my own time. Your tutorials are so easy to use that even without any sewing experience I was able to complete every project (that I tried so far). Everything is so detailed and I can tell that you all worked hard. The projects are practical and cute! Thanks for everything."
- Brittni

"Your online course gave me the opportunity to rebuild my confidence, relearn some skills and re-friend my sewing machine! Just brilliant!"
- Monniemoo

"Thank you for such a great class! I got my machine out of the closet after many years and have enjoyed it once again! I have many more projects lined up and can't wait to tackle them!
Thanks for all the great info and pushing me to try projects I never would have done on my own! And another big thing I learned was how to navigate my local fabric store and having to ask for help is a good thing! :)"
- Addie

"I am so thankful and blessed that I was able to participate in this online sewing class. My mom sews all the time and I didn't really have the desire to learn from her until a year or so ago (now that I'm 2K miles away!).  I'm glad I'm able to start from scratch on many projects and teach her a thing or two.
Thank you for your generous instructions on the projects - I'm still slowly making my way through, but excited to share and show them off with everyone!"
- Kim

"Thank you so much for this highly motivational experience! I had some basic sewing skills but very little practice or confidence. Trying out new things and having clear instructions and making mistakes and fixing them (well, some of them!) has been a great learning and experience and great fun. Last night I was able to sew something from a martha stewart book - adorable idea, but very few words explaining what to do. Magically, I understood enough about construction and sewing to put it all together. It wouldn't have made any sense to me a month ago! Thank you so much ladies, you have my eternal sewing sister gratitude."
- Jennie

About the Power of Sewing

"Sewing has made me a happy happy girl. I highly recommend learning how to use your machine - you won't regret it - and will find yourself spending less and less time at the mall, and more time online figuring out how to make your own version of some of your favorite $300 dollar dresses! Plus, having a reason to browse fabric shops. That's my favorite part."
- Jill of Lune Vintage

"Sewing sort of fell into my lap about 18 months ago, and I'm so amazed at all it's brought me: a wonderful group of new friends, satisfaction in creating something cute & sassy, and most recently being able to quit my day-job to sew full time. Playing with fabric and creating cute gifts are the best part!"
- Maggie of Gussy Sews

"I love to sew accessories for my home, clothes and just general repair. It can be very relaxing and a great stress reliever. I sewed most of my childrens clothes, blankets and some toys when they were young and it was so rewarding; seeing them wear and play with things I'd made was incredible."
- Sharon M.